About Us

MyHomeSharing is

a neutral platform that supports the tourism ecosystem in Malaysia

MyHomeSharing collaborates as a partner to Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), in the Accommodation Sharing Economy Program, a national initiative to promote adoption of digital economy solutions, by enabling the community to participate and to further support Malaysia’s tourism growth. We facilitate market-facing platforms in identifying and verifying the profile of homes that could be shared and listed as short-term vacation rentals, and assist homeowners to improve the quality of descriptions, photos, and more importantly their service delivery.

Our Story

We're work-in-progress. We're working hard to add features and make improvements. We appreciate your support in making it even better!

Group picture of the first Property & Community Manager (PCM) Training Session held on 30-06-2018 in Kuala Lumpur

"We believe that Sharing Economy, if it is applied correctly with the right digital solution and business model, can help to overcome the widening gaps between the haves and the haves not, and can be a powerful model to break monopolistic control of trades, usually orchestrated by a few elite players within an economic sector. From a conversation of like-minded people about a year ago on the subject of economic disruptions, we have decided then to group together passionate people of old school and the millennials, with diverse experience working in the corporate world, in start-up companies and with homestay community, to embark on a new venture. We saw tourism, being the second strongest growth sector for the country, can be the next potential sector that is due to be disrupted in a major way in Malaysia – and we want to play a role."

Azlizan Mohd Nayan
Executive Director
April 2018