Rent out your house, apartment or room to increase your income

Why host on MyHomeSharing?

We help you market your vacation rentals online, free-of-charge

I'm a Homeowner

If you're managing your vacation rental business yourself, MyHomeSharing will help you with the online marketing. If you're looking to find a host to manage your vacation rental, you've come to the right place! Our goal is to help homeowners, especially those in rural areas, to increase their income from short-term vacation rental business.

I want to be a Host

You don't need to own a property to become a host. A host is a dedicated property manager who is trained to communicate with guests and assists them during their stays, handle check-in, check-out and cleaning tasks, and manage listings on market-facing platforms. By becoming a host, you're creating your own short-term rental business.

Hosting on MyHomeSharing in 3 simple steps